Can't open Bug Report / Issue

It seems Issues on GitHub redirects to your JIRA and I’m logged into JIRA with my Google account, but it won’t let me submit a Bug Report:

## Create issue

You are not authorized to perform this operation.

For the record, the issue is that I believe the logic of “validate_slot_mappings” is wrong in Rasa 3.5.10 ( I noticed that I kept getting the auto-fill deprecation warning, even though my code did not use auto-fill. So, I put a debugger in the source code and stepped through the function.

If I run the code line-by-line in the debugger I’m also not seeing any reason for the warning to be raised, e.g.:

(Pdb) p mappings
[{'type': 'from_entity', 'entity': 'name'}]
(Pdb) p slot_mapping
{'type': 'from_entity', 'entity': 'name'}
(Pdb) SlotMapping.validate(slot_mapping, slot_name)

Yet the warning still gets raised.

Are you using this Jira instance?

I think so. I used the link from GitHub. I will see if it let’s me create an issue this time.

Thank you, I was able to post it this time. :grin: I don’t know why it was giving errors before.