Cannot send Image to Telegram

Hai, Iam trying to send an image to telegram in one of my custom actions as below: dispatcher.utter_message(image=“https://IP/medias/sys_master/images/images/h48/h0e/8796471394334/8796471394334.jpg”)

but when executing this Iam facing the error: telegram.error.BadRequest: Wrong file identifier/http url specified

How to resolve this?

Hi @sahrutha!

Just confirming, you sending the correct url right? cuz this url is not valid.

Yes, @saurabh-m523. I didn’t provide the IP address in the url

Also, This is working for other open Url’s. It is not working for my website URL’s

Hmm…are you able to open that url in browser?

yes @saurabh-m523

It got solved, whatever URL I was accessing was not a secured https url and hene image was not being displayed. Tried with secured URL it worked