I would to deploy my bot to telegram

how can I fix that when I run the command rasa run I receive that msg how can I solve that ?

telegram.error.BadRequest: Bad webhook: https url must be provided for webhook

how can solve it I run my code in python using http server in 5002 and then after I just set the url using Ngrok in same dress 5002 Ngrok wites is 200 ok but my bot do not connect to telegram help me please

and thx in adv

@hajoura you should use https address from ngrok not http

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can please clarify your answer

Please share URL which you use to connect with telegram

this my url in end point webhook_url: “http://639b4189.ngrok.io/webhooks/telegram/webhook

You should use “https://639b4189.ngrok.io/webhooks/telegram/webhook”

please clarify when I open my url I see

 Tunnel 639b4189.ngrok.io not found

@TatianaParshina thank you so much for your help good luck in your life

i have made bot run with self signed ssl how to make telegram webhook to use same

i m getting RasaException: Failed to set channel webhook: A request to the Telegram API was unsuccessful. Error code: 400. Description: Bad Request: bad webhook: Webhook can be set up only on ports 80, 88, 443 or 8443 though i run my bot in 8080