Cannot find .kube/config after installing Rasa X

Hi, I tried to run “rasactl start -p” in my project directory but encountered the following error “open $HOME/.kube/config: no such file or directory”. Do I need to add this file manually? Or is it located somewhere else? The rasa open source version is 2.8.13, thank you in advance!

@nightjean are you trying to install rasa open source or rasa x?


You can check the location of the file with increasing verbosity level when launching the command:

➜  ~ kubectl get pods -v=6
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I have installed both and am trying to run the rasa x in the project directory. I am running it in my local machine, and the error has become like this

@nightjean how you trying to install can you tell me or share me the link?

I followed the installation guide here Installation

used quickstart command “curl -O && bash -y”

@nik202 and rasa open source works fine, i downgraded to 2.8.13 to be compatible to rasa x

@nik202 the full info list before error appears

can you share rasactl status ?

I cannot start the deployment for this project, so no deployment name or status found

@nik202 rasactl cannot start deployment, so no deployment name/status found

@nightjean I guess you need to install kube or docker and then follow the complete process again.

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@nik202 I managed to install the REI following GitHub - RasaHQ/REI: Rasa Ephermal Installer Now I am trying to start a deployment, but it stays at “creating and joining a kind node” forever. After a few minute, the error shows as “Error: Can’t join kind node to the cluster”.

I am running it in venv on macOS. Is it due to the OS?

@nightjean Can you just follow the simple process for the same?

  1. Create the Virtual Environment, activate the Virtual Environment
  2. Install rasa stable version for example pip install rasa==2.8.1 and rasa-sdk==2.8.1 OR what ever version is available.
  3. and run

Later we will solve the Rasa X issue too. I hope you are aware that Rasa X is best useful for server side installation.

It will get you the idea that its related to Mac OS issue.

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rasa itself runs well on my machine. Thank you for the guidance, in this case, I will skip rasa x for now.

@nightjean If you want to install rasa X using simple installation, I can suggest one which will run on your local machine? Do you want that solution?

@nightjean can I request you to please close this thread as a solution for others.

Wish you and your family a very happy new year 2022!

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@nik202 yes, I’d like to try the simple installation.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

@nightjean you can try this solution : Rasa X runs with several Errors & Warnings - #2 by nik202 for Rasa X.

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