Can you help me with the below issue?

Python - version - 3.7.5 Rasa - 1.9.7 os - linux - ubuntu 20.04

i am new to rasa and was trying to learn the chatbot usage .However the steps i followed

  1. rasa train nlu
  2. rasa shell

I am getting this error - UserWarning: Interpreter parsed an intent ‘Hi’ which is not defined in the domain. Please make sure all intents are listed in the domain. and no output is generated

here are the screenshots of domain file stories file and nlu

image image

You’ve only trained an NLU model. Instead, train your full Rasa assistant:

rasa train

and then

rasa shell

HI Rachael

thanks for your response. the issue is solved thanks

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Glad to hear it! Good luck with your project :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: