"Please make sure all intents are listed in the domain"

Hello everyone.

I have been trying to run my chatbot as I’m starting out newly. I have my intents as greet and have listed ‘Hi’ below it and have also listed my intent greet in the domain. However, Im getting the below warning/error and cant seem to run my chatbot. I am stuck here.

Here is my nlu.yml image

and here is my domain.yml image image

Thanks in advance.

Hi @sss ! in your nlu.yml file can you replace your first line with:

version: '2.0'

Rasa expects the NLU training data to be labeled with specific keys to define what kind of file it is (see the docs for more info!) Having newsletternewsgreatnlu at the top of the file is preventing the nlu key from being picked up.

Hi @m.vielkind thank you so much, it worked!