Can you fill in form from intent only?

First of all hey guys, I’m new on here nice to meet you all.

I’m trying to get certain slots filled, from the triggered intent, without the form asking the user for more info. Is this possible? For example:

User: My name is John (Form automatically extract this info without needing to prompt user first) Bot: Hello John

As it stands this is my current configuration

  • story: give name
  • steps:
    • intent: give_name
    • action: name_form
    • action: utter_name

With the form having the configuration

    - type: from_trigger_intent
      entity: Name

if your slot has the same name as the entity then it’ll be automatically extracted with the following slot mapping:

    - type: from_entity
      entity: username

Hi Leli and welcome to the forum.

Yes, you should give example utterances that provide example of entities that should be extracted. In a recent blog post on forms you’ll find examples here.