Rasa Forms with Entity Extraction

Hi guys, i’m having some issues implementing a simple form to collect information. i;ve set up a rule as follows:

  • rule: Activate Form steps:

    • intent: request_info
    • action: utter_intro_form
    • action: form_user_info
    • active_loop: form_user_info
  • rule: Submit Form condition:

    • active_loop: form_user_info steps:
    • action: form_user_info
    • active_loop: null
    • slot_was_set:
      • requested_slot: null
    • action: utter_slot_values
    • action: utter_options_triage

Here is what works: The bot has an initial payload asking for name. User inputs name ie John Bot asks for email. User puts in email ie. John@gmail.com all is well

The issues happens when a user says something like “my name is John”. The slot is filled with “My name is John”, rather I want the bot to extract John as an entity and use that to fill the slot. Same with email.

I’ve tried to set the first intent to point to some training data such as:

Any ideas on how to fix this?


can you show me the code for form_user_info?