Can forms only ask for the user for filling slots which are not already filled using entities?

Let’s say I have a form where I need to fill 3 slots- A, B and C. However it’s not predefined that where these slot values will come from. I want it to be dynamic in the sense that if the triggering intent (the one which activated the form) contains entities which are used to fill the value of slot A, then only values of slot B and C are asked by the form. Similarly if triggering intent has slot values A and C, then only B is asked from the user.

Is there a universal way to do this or do I need to create separate forms for each of these cases?(which will become cumbersome as the no. of slots increase)

As far as I know, if a slot is already filled then the bot will ask the rest of the required slots defined in that form, you don’t need to create multiple form for this.

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Thanks. I tried this out and it works as you said