Can we set a hard code string from customs actions to a slot?


Is there a way so that i can set a static value / string from actions to a slot without any entity extraction? I am doing it like this on my custom actions

class ActionResetPass(Action): def name(self):

return ‘next_action_ask_user_empID’

def run(self, dispatcher, tracker, domain):

      app_post_action = tracker.get_slot('app_post_action')

  response = 'Please enter your employee id '

  return [SlotSet('app_post_action','Listen_User')]

is it possible or not? i have my slot type text

yes you can set the slot to what ever you want

but it is showing null value

the above implementation is showing me null on my json response

Can you show the json response?

no sorry i have updated my rasa stack and i cannot locally reproduce the issue right now probably stuck on some config error may be