Can I limit fallback times until exit from a story loop?

I have a story to ask for a location:

#Story 1
* hello
  - utter_hello

#Story ask location
* ask location
  - utter_ask_for_location
- location 
  - utter_thank_you
# Story fallback
* action_default_fallback
  - utter_fallback

In case of invalid location input bot will say "i dont understand/fallback " and this phrase will be cycled forever until proper location given by user.

Is it possible to limit fallback count so rasa core will exit story mode after n times?

Yes, I have the same exact question that I’m wondering about.

@lgrinberg Please check this one: Fallback intents for context-sensitive fallbacks I had no chance to test it but it looks promising. Looks like it’s not possible to limit the fallback count.