Can I Extract Persons Name by not using SpaCy's "PERSON" entity, Because It has some problems

Hi RASA Community, I am trying to extract Bengali names (In English font) but there is no Bangla model in SpaCy. But Spacy has the entity PERSON which is good for English names though it has some drawbacks. The entity PERSON detects the noun, doesn’t matter if it’s a human name or a Bank name or an animal. which is not tolerable. So, I have decided to use my own entity called USERNAME for extracting the names. But, the problem is it only extracts the examples I have trained it with. Can You tell me if there is any other way to extract any person names using the script.?

FYI, I’m making a Chatbot for the bank (which support both Bangla and English language), But the PERSON extracts noun and sometimes replace a person name with Bank name and that’s why I’m not using the PERSON entity. Thanks and Hoping to hear from you guys.

@Rifat Hi, Rifat! Your question is quite right, but as you aware spacy dnt have Bengali, so alternative you can train the model using lookup table and please ref this thread for your reference and understanding: Name entity not extracting - #2 by srikar_1996