Can guests upload(input) photos(image file)?

I want to deliver an image to the Rasa X

Could you please clarify what’s your scenario and how exactly do you want to use these images?

If you’re talking about guest conversations then the answer is no — you’re limited to text conversations, and you can later review these conversations using Rasa X.

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I have a similar problem where the bot has to take a picture of the user in between conversation. Can we use custom actions to trigger the webcam and take a picture? If yes, are there any projects that I can go through for reference.

Thank you :smiley:

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Hi , i have similar requirement. I have created a beauty bot. Now i want to add one feature where can upload his/her image. is there any solution where image can be captured irrespective of any device ?

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hi, I have same issue. how to recieve a qrcode.image from guest?