Call a Retrieval Action in a custom action


To answer many simple questions (FAQ, are you a bot, …), I would like to be able to call a response retrieval models from a custom action. In this custom action, I want use a UserUtteranceReverted() in return to not influence the prediction on future responses, because I use a MemoizationPolicy.

For example,

class ActionFAQ(Action):
     def name(self):
         return "action_faq"
     def run(self, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
         return [UserUtteranceReverted()]  

Here, respond_faq is my Retrieval Actions.

It would be best to directly implement a UserUtteranceReverted() when there is this type of intention (all Retrieval Actions) since they can appear at any time in stories.

Thanks a lot.

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Are there any new approaches for this Problem ?