Button payload with SMS

Rasa core version I’m using 0.10.4

Button payloads don’t work with Twilio based SMS type clients. I am aware of these two issues (issue 583 and issue 659). After testing I found that I need to input ‘/inform_a{“test_slot_1”:“a”}’. So the SMS use case is the same as the console. The other work around is to write your own custom action. But this is a bit frustrating since I write a custom action repeatedly for every new question I have. There is code duplication. And if there isn’t enough training examples for the custom action setting the answer with a slot when “a” is encountered vs when “b” is encountered, then custom_action_to_set_slot_a is encountered when “b” was actually the answer. Is there another sensible way apart from button payloads to automatically set a slot when an intent like /inform_a is detected?

Moving this over from the issue you created

So something like A,B, or a single number would trigger inform intent and the value itself is to be extracted as an entity?

Yes, that’s an option