Payload not working


I am passing my entity along with button payload but rasa core is unable to extract the entity My payload looks like “payload”:"intent{“entity”:“value”}

This is kind of urgent. Help appreciated

I assume this is in a custom action. Is the value stored in a variable?

Could you send a screenshot of what it currently looks like?

Hi @amill this is how my button looks like

In an action this is what I tend to do for creating a button if I want to include an entity:

buttons.append({"title": "RiskNavigator", "payload": """/RiskNavigator{"application" : "value"}"""})
dispatcher.utter_message(text="Select an option...", buttons=buttons)

This is for when the value you want to store is the same every time (i.e. not a variable).

Make sure that application is defined as an entity and a slot in your domain file.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Yes this was just an example. I have application stores as entity and slot both. I figured the issue is with my UI code. Thanks for your time :slight_smile: