Button appearance without showing the payload.. Is that a thing?

Hola from Argentina!

I’m trying to get the most out of the rasa console (terminal) UI. One day I will develop this with a fancy UI. My problem is when I print the buttons it displays the payload, which does not look very nice for non-tech audiences: My button menu looks like this:

Adara es un centro de estética. ¿Algunos de estos servicios te interesa? (Use ar row keys) » 1: Flebologia (/inform{“service”: “flebologia”}) 2: Dermatologia (/inform{“service”: “dermatologia”}) 3: Nutricion (/inform{“service”: “nutricion”}) 4: Estetica (/inform{“service”: “estetica”}) Type out your own message…

Is it possible to print just the button title without the payload? i.e. (/inform{“service”: “nutricion”})

Any experience good or bad with this would be helpful.

My function looks like this:

def run(self, dispatcher: CollectingDispatcher, tracker: Tracker, domain: Dict[Text, Any]) -> List:

        buttons = []
        for t in CALENDAR_TYPES:
            service_type = CALENDAR_TYPES[t]
            payload = "/inform{\"service\": \"" + service_type.get(
                "name") + "\"}"
                {"title": "{}".format(service_type.get("name").title()),
                 "payload": payload})

        # TODO: update rasa core version for configurable `button_type`
        dispatcher.utter_button_template("utter_ask_service", buttons, tracker)
        return []


console UI is meant to be used for development. You can modify source code to remove it. Otherwise, did you try Rasa X? it has very useful feature share your bot, so that your non tech audience could talk to your bot in a nice conversation view

Thanks for your response. I think the easiest thing is to use a UI. Appreciate your help!