Buttons not visible in UI

Hi, I have a button for my intent mood When testing on rasa shell, I can select the payload, whereas nothing shows on the UI. Can anyone help me with what could be done in this.

hey @garimaagarwal1007 which UI are you using?

Hey. I’m using javascript. I did overcome that issue. But how do I send the selected intent back to the bot is where I am stuck now. @JiteshGaikwad

Can you please explain this

Probably a very naive question. So in payload we send the intent., When the user selects clicks on any of the button means that they selected an intent right. I understood how it had to be done though. Thanks for your time. I’m pretty new to RASA so such silly questions

So is your problem solved?


Hey, @garimaagarwal1007 I am facing the same problem with the buttons not showing up. Can you tell me how did you solve it?

can you tell how did you overcome the issue , im facing this in my react project , backend as nodejs

Hey! Can you tell me how did you overcome this issue ? I am stuck there, I am using javascript. when I test it in the rasa shell it works properly, but when I test it in my flask app the buttons are not shown

Hello all, My response buttons are not visible in Streamlit UI. What’s the issue. I am defining buttons in following way:

    - text: "The emergency department provides a range of services: Trauma Care, Cardiac Care, Pediatric Care, Urgent Care, Critical Care"
      - title: Trauma Care
        payload: /trauma_care
      - title: Cardiac Care
        payload: /cardiac_care
      - title: Pediatric Care
        payload: /pediatric_care
      - title: Urgent Care
        payload: /urgent_care_inquiry
      - title: Critical Care
        payload: /critical_care_inquiry

I am linking predefined intents. Please help.