Building a no-code bot builder over Rasa

I wanted to build a platform where people could come and develop their own chatbots. Wanted them to submit examples of nlu.yml file through an interactive form or some gui. Is this possible? We have a django based backend and html, css, js frontend. Also wanted to figure how every user would get only the responses that he has submitted through the forms or do we need to give them seperate bots?

Hey @Suyog-23 welcome to the forum.

Sure it’s possible to build this if you find that Rasa X doesn’t fit your needs. Personally, I’d weigh how much it costs for you to build vs leveraging Rasa X.

For your second question, I think this depends on if they’re sharing NLU or not. It seems like they’d have separate intents in which case you’d be better off creating a separate bot per user. But if you are trying to centralize some of the NLU, you could try setting up a way to leverage this for all customers while having separate responses.