Bot closes isssue

Bot closes before complete conversations. so bot can’t send summary to client at the end of conversation. This issue raised after connecting bot to data why I am facing issue ?. can you please guide me?

@darpant-289 Is your bot able to complete all the stories of bot/user conversation? What front end you are using and what is your backend (database). It is an issue with It happened with me in the past, but let me collect my thoughts for you. Meanwhile, please share me some information.

yes bot run very-well in cmd using rasa shell , but is raised issue in ui . so

@darpant-289 please read my above answer and provide me the all answers please.

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I think it is not problem of problem because it run very well but bot dose not send thank you message . so It closes without sending thank you message.

@darpant-289 Check your story then, that you had set the thank you utterance or not or do share us the code or some screenshot.

I used sqlite database and ui file is given belowindex.html (4.3 KB)

@darpant-289 you using css, html and js to deploy your bot. I will suggest see this video and try again Rasa Webchat Integration - #119 by Horizon733 It can be the issue of UI.

yes I am using below command to run the bot:

    • rasa run -m models --enable-api --cors β€œ*” --debug
  1. rasa run actions

@darpant-289 your action file line 148 change dispacter.utter_message(template=β€œutter_lead_q2”, tracker).

yes I have also tried message instead of template but still bot closes without sending summary or thank you message.

@darpant-289 you need to execute the code step by step to solve this issue as I can see. Even try rasa interactive to see the issue, what actions and intent is following as per the confidence score.