Extracting times with duckling

Dear all,

I’m currently setting up a Rasa chatbot that first takes a date input of the user. After the input has been received the chatbot asks the user for a start time and an end time.

I’m using duckling for the date/time extraction and for the date inputs works fine (example: on the 20.10.2019) However: for the start and end time, the user input is expected to be something like: we will start at 2pm. For this, Duckling does not seem to be able to extract the 2pm time value.

Do you have any recommendations on what kind of formats are recognized by duckling?

Best regards, Tim

Hi @timothyapplewhite

duckling originates in:


and was wrapped here:


According to their documentation, duckling should be able to extract dates and times. However to make sure, try:

curl -XPOST --data 'locale=en_GB&text=tomorrow at eight'

and see the result. Another thing that I experienced is, that you should take a look at what duckling extracted and what rasa actually parsed into a slot - which must not necessarily both date and time.

You can start your bot with:

rasa run -vv <...>

to create verbose output and to have a look at the duckling extractions.