AWS Instance

Hi all!

So i’m planning to run rasa core training on a server on AWS EC2 instance. Do you have any recommendation about the setup? (Which OS) Is it possible that we use GPU on AWS EC2? If it’s possible then i need guidance for that. My local machine can’t handle hardcore training anymore. It will freeze. Thanks!

hi @yaput - yes it is possible to run on an aws ec2 instance. I would recommend using an ami (machine image) with some of the main dependencies (e.g. tensorflow) already installed. Then you can install rasa on top of that. Especially if you want to use a GPU so you don’t have to bother installing drivers.

Hi @amn41 Okay, will try it. Is it enough using t2.2xlarge(8vcpus, 32gb ram)?? Or do you have other suggestion? Thanks Alan!

My Rasa Webchat not working on aws ec2 instance.

Have you opened the port for your rasa server?

How can i open?

i am running rasa server on port:5005 on ec2 instance(ubuntu) and in another terminal i run python file.

If it’s working on your local machine and you good to go. Please refer to this link to configure your port for your instance.