Aws instance server problem

Hi guys, i’m begginer to this and learning, when i’m trying to train the rasa_core in the t2 small instance with php fpm server running, the instance is getting completely shutdown.can any one please tell me the reason why the instance is getting shutdown?

have you checked the instance volume? t2 small may be small for spacy to run and train

yeah, it is having 2GB RAM.Do you know how much instance volume is needed to train and run in t2 instance

i prefer to train on a local machine then upload the models … but i am using t2 large with 30 GB volume and it works fine with me

In some sites i have come across through that GPU machine is better than CPU. Will the GPU machine support for Version: rasa_core=0.12.3 and rasa_nlu=0.13.7

well, I trained medium amount of data on both CPU and GPU machines, the difference isn’t that huge so i prefer to stick to the default of Rasa and train on CPU, and you should Upgrade to RASA 1.x.x … it’s much better