Traing data for Rasa

Hello everyone, I want to collect training data from user’s responses to traning automatically.How can I do that? And How many method to training data for nlu and story? Thanks!!!


to collect training data and train your bot with real life data Rasa X might be the right thing for you to start with? It doesn’t automate “everything” but it safes you a lot of time with collecting data from customers. Rasa X

What do you mean by “…how many method to training…”? If you want to learn more about best practices for NLU data this could be helpful 10 best practices for designing nlu training data

Regards, Tristan

Thank you for your answer, but i want to run rasa on telegram app, so i cant use Rasa X

Even if you run your bot as a telegram service you need a server as backend. Your server is the place to install Rasa X.