Auto Train model

Hi all, wanna train model but i don t wanna use bash any solution ? script python or think like thaht ?


Hello @kchahid How exactly do you want to execute the training command? If not via the shell, you can also train from within Rasa X. See: Improve Assistant

Hi @j.mosig thanks for reply.

like write a python script or use request http for that… i have see the script python in the doc for rasa nlu but i have an output with lot o file and not a .tar.gz … when i try to use it rasa return model not found … i have see the doc http using post method in localhost:xxx/model/train but it s not useful when u have a lot of data :confused: and the endpoint accept only markdown format i guess

Sorry, I don’t understand what you are trying to do. What version of Rasa are you working with?