How to Auto Train the model in Rasa?

Hello there people, My name is Ajinkya, I came across an interesting thought Can we auto train the model ?

Can anyone hep me with this issues?

Thanks in advance,

Regards, Ajinkya (Newbie lol)

hi @ajinkyah! what do you mean by auto train? You mean having the model re-train every time new training data is added? If you want to achieve this I would recommend writing a cron script to run rasa train

Thank you @amn41 for replying me

Do you have a cron script or can you let me know where to find it or how to write it because i really need this cron script for my university project !

a cron script is nothing specific to Rasa. There are many tutorials online how to write these. The point is just that you want to write a little bash script to train your model, something like:

rasa train

and then you want to configure cron on your machine to run that script at a regular interval.