AttributeError: 'MySQLConverter' object has no attribute '_list_to_mysql

AttributeError: ‘MySQLConverter’ object has no attribute '_list_to_mysql’ TypeError: Python ‘list’ cannot be converted to a MySQL type actually am trying to fill a form and after that store it to mysql database…here is what my form looks like domain.yml (11.9 KB) my action and database connectivity (22.3 KB) (1.7 KB)

Hi Faiza! I don’t really have enough info here to answer this question. This guide might help you: How to ask a great question

@rctatman…okay …but incase if you know …some of my slots are being filled as a list like assume I have entity phone_no and the slot is being filled as phone_no=[’+251922998767’ ,’+251922998767’] And I have 2 entity extracter which is diet classifier and regexentityextracter cuz I have regex for phone_no… Do u have any idea if it can be solved

If you’re using a regex or Duckling for a type of entity (like a phone number,) you shouldn’t label entity examples in your training data.

@rctatman For phone number I have regex and if I didnt put any training example then nlu_fallback will interfere in…I have nlu fallback and when ever it saw something new it would throw an error…am not saying regex is not extracting the entity…it does extract it but nlu_fallback also will be displayed so to avoid that I put some training example and diet classifier also catches it…I can have only regex for some specific entities but I cant avoid nlu_fallback if i didn’t put any training examples

@rctatman…dr Rachel…can you please explain me here shortly on what kind of algorithms is used to build the rasa pipelines and policies …and when installing rasa we have a requirement.txt that needed to be installed so why do we need them or why rasa need them?