AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'strip'

I’m trying to store the feedback of users into the MySQL database. First I have successfully connected and saved the record in a python file.

However, when I run it into, it shows the error as below: error

as you can see that it predicted the action_thanks_feedback (correct action to run) and the entities are stored. What does it mean the list object is?

output on messenger image

There is somebody help me to figure it out?

Hi @HaiiDD-creator , Welcome to the Forum!

What is the output of rasa --version for you?

rasa version 2.6.1 I solved this problem just now! Thanks for your comment.

solution: change the sql query to

query = ‘INSERT INTO tbl_rasa_feedback (fld_matric_number, fld_emoji_rating, fld_feedback) VALUES ("{0}","{1}","{2}");’.format(MatricNumber, emojiText, Feedback)

and there will no list object.

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