Rasa Core and Rasa NLU python processes keep dying

Hello. New to Rasa. Setup Rasa NLU using the started pack tutorial and trained basic model - all good, but then noticed the python process service port 5000 dies without any error messages after some time on it’s own. Usually overnight or when I am not observing - i.e. never died in front of my eyes while interacting with it.

Instructions from: https://rasa.com/docs/nlu/installation/ https://github.com/RasaHQ/starter-pack-rasa-nlu

2: Setup Rasa Core with the sample mood boosting bot with the tiger image - all works, hooked up Slack to it, also works, but the python process that runs on port 5002 (or 5005) also dies periodically. Same pattern as above. Installation and build simple bot from: https://www.rasa.com/docs/core/0.8.6/tutorial_basics/

By morning it’s usually gone. Rasa NLU version is 0.13.8 Running on AWS Ubuntu 16.04. t2.2xlarge with 32 gig or RAM. Python 3.5.2

Any suggestions? Is this normal? How to troubleshoot?

Thank you!


Check out nohup command (for Linux and MacOS)

Note the processes were NOT impacted when logged out from the SSH terminal, so not sure how nohup helps? Thanks.