Anything outside of Buttons and images in Rasa Bot Utterance?

I am doing a POC with Rasa, where I need links and videos in my chat window,

Do we have options similar to buttons or images to include video and links ? in utterances under domain.yml file.

As of now, you can already include links. However, there’s nothing stopping you from including an attribute in your domain file called video (just like image) and attach, say a YouTube link there. The only catch is that the onus of rendering it to the end user lies with you.

Thanks Amogh, will you be able to share a sample on links ? Somewhere I saw this pattern Click [here] ( ) but it just came as is in the chat window.

However the buttons and image option works perfectly okay… Am running on rasa 1.0.

I tried the “video” option but that part of the statement is not seen, I will check on the rendering part in the chat UI.

i tried video, image, file, text for a single utter_message, training completed success fully, but in chat interface i got only text and image, Domain i used to train

  - file: https://somepdf.pdf
    image: https://image.jpeg
    text: i am new video