Generic entity given an intent

Hi, I have a dubt:

Is there a way to define a generic entity given an intent? Let me explain better, I need something like this:


  • the answer is [answer1] (answer)

I want that, once Rasa has recognised the intent, it also recognise the entity “answer”, whatever word or sequence of words it contain. I need a generic intent. Is it possible to do that?

When I try, I often recognize the intent but not recognize any entity.


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Can you post some of your training data?

I have training data like:

  • the answer is [potato] (answer)
  • the answer is [cat] (answer)
  • the answer is [tom with the gun] (answer)
  • the answer is [new york city] (answer)

But if the user answers like: “the answer is rasa nlu”, then the system finds the intent but not the entity. Of course is becouse I never trained on somethong similar to “rasa nlu”. But what I want is recognising quite everything in a generic entity, without having to necessarily train on data of any kind (which I believe is impossible).

Is that possible?

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Once you have enough training data it should learn to generalise to unseen entities as well

I’ll try and then let you know.