ALB configuration to Rasa server getting unhealthy checks

We are trying to configure ALB for the AWS EC2 docker containerized Rasa Server with Port 5005.

We have attached the Rasa Server to the ALB but we are receiving unhealthy checks with 504 timeout gateway although we are getting the response from the Rasa server Ip address.

We are not able to get the health checks from the ALB after configuring the ‘/’ path. But in the browser, we are getting the healthy response if we use the Rasa Server IP address instead of the ALB DNS name.

Private subnets, security groups and the VPC are configured as same in the ALB and the Rasa Server.

Can you help us here

Hi @lakshman,

Did you deploy Rasa Server using one of the options described in the docs or is it your custom installation?

In deployments that are described in the docs, the rasa server is not exposed on 5005 port and available outside. You mentioned that in a browser you’re getting a healthy response. Can you say what response you got?

Yes, @tczekajlo i got the response from ALB, I need to add the ALB security group to the rasa server.