Adding Questions


I am creating a chatbot which requires to ask the user some questions in order to assess them so, how do I implement this like I want to ask 10 questions in one by one manner.

Any help, resource or detailed explanation will be much appreciated.


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Will you have a different number of questions every time, or is the number of questions fixed?

You can use forms.

different number every time

Can I add a button instead of getting a text from user?

The way I do this is to have a non-featurized “Any” slot type that contains an index number pointing at the current question. After asking the user each question, I use actions to increment this index number by 1. I also have another slot containing the last index (which is different depending on your number of questions you have each time). When the two are equal, I run an action telling the user that my questions are over.

These slots are stored in the tracker and can be retrieved easily using rasa-sdk. In other words, I have my assistant remember what question we’re on and not move to the next one until the user answers the current one.


No problem. Feel free to ask for help while implementing it.