Creating questionnaire on RASA

I have this usecase which I wanted to confirm, if it can be implemented on RASA or not. So I want to have an intent which is triggered when user asks bot to start questionnaire. User sets a slot for topic he wants the quiz on, in my database I have set of questions for each topic, I fetch the questions and their answers. Now each quiz may have different number of questions.

It would be great if I can get any lead on that.


This is a perfect use case for Forms. You can find a good explanation on how to you forms in this blog post

Hey Stephen, thanks for getting back. I looked into forms, may be m not sure how it can be implemented using forms. My questions a.k.a text to ask, comes from database, so it cant have an utter for each question. Even number of slots arent fixed, my database may have question bank with 10 questions in 1, 20 in other.