Asking multiple questions using a single slot or in a form

Hey folks, I have got a question, I have an api that gives a json list of question , the questions may be of type ‘text’ or ‘MCQ’, now I want to utter those questions to user and the user will answer them one by one. The number of questions may vary depending on API response, it may be from 2 to 10, text and choice based. How can I come over this issue ?

You could do this with forms using the required_slots method to create a dynamic form.

You may also want to consider importing the questions into Rasa and build a model but I don’t have enough information to know if this is a good idea for your use case.

Hey Stephens, thanks for your valuable time. Can you please elaborate the second process you suggested, I have already tried the first method of dynamic form but that did not work out for me, or may be I might have done something wrong.