Adding date/time to the endpoint response

I’m receiving something like this from the API:

[{"recipient_id":"KxjvNlR5","text":"This is an utterance."}]

I’d like to attach the date and time of this message to it.

How can I do that?

Hi @nickopris, from which API endpoint do you receive this response?

From /webhooks/rest/webhook

Also, Is it possible to get more information like predicted intent name, score, extracted entities etc?

@kothiyayogesh you can get that information via the /model/parse endpoint.

@nickopris I was specifically asking about which request are you making (e.g. POST https://xxxxxxx/model/parse)

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Thanks, @erohmensing.

I have trained NLU and stories and after deploying to Heroku I need to hit the URL.

For example, if I hit https://xxxxxxx/model/parse I get an intent score in response. I need bot response(message) just like what we get in rasa shell. What is URL/endpoint for that?

Hey @kothiyayogesh, if you want to get the bot’s response, the easiest way to do this is to set up the REST Input Channel. This will give you a webhook that will take the user input and send back the bot utterance events.

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