Retrieving List slot values returns only first value

Rasa Core version:0.11.12 Rasa Core SDK version: 0.11.5

Python version: 3.6.7

Operating system (windows, osx, …): macOS Mojave version10.14

Issue: While using list slot, my NLU is picking up all the values for the list slot. But when I am trying to retrieve all the values of the list slot from inside my custom action, only the first one is returned. I am guessing tracker.get_slot(key) doesn’t support multiple value slot, but current_slot_values() also doesn’t return all the values.

Is it that the Rasa core tracker doesn’t support this or am I missing something? Please Advise

Slot values in debug mode:

values: [‘fd’, ‘rd’] date-period: None

Slot value while retrieving using tracker.current_slot_values() inside Action

{‘values’:‘fd’, ‘date-period’: None}