Action Server SDK with Java/Spring RASA 2.xx


Please share info on SDK Action Server for RASA 2.xx?

On the internet there is just one project rasa-java-sdk - 1.0.1 — скачать jar | JarCasting which seems to be outdated and return an error about incompatible version when run with RASA 2.8 shell


You can find all the info in theAction Server Docs and the Action Server API.

Hello, Yes, I already found them. But the docs arent fully clear to me. Maybe somebody already solved an issue with java sdk for Rasa 2.0. That’s my question

Ah, if you are looking to build actions in Java, try these:

Ok. thanks. Do you know are those up to date, because there is a mention that current version is unstable and last commit was 7 month ago. Did you try it with 2.xx Rasa?

No I haven’t tried them, sorry.

8 months ago was still at a time when 2.2 if no also 2.3 was released, so they’re probably made for 2.x and not 1.x.