Action server docroot?

Does the action server have a docroot to serve up static files (.html / .pdf) Something like https://localhost:5055/actions/pdf/instructions.pdf

I’ve tried a few things and can’t get it to work, but would love to figure this out, it would help greatly with something I’m attempting to do

Hi Jonathan,

We have a page that provides a good intro to the supported action server and the required API’s if you want to write your own.

The supported action server sdk is listening on only for POSTS to /webhook here.

In your example, you’d like to presumable listen for a GET on /pdf or some other endpoint. You could fork and extend the SDK for this but why not just create another independent service?


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Interesting, thank you for that clarification you’re correct in your assumption I would want a GET on /pdf.

I’ll take a further look, but I’m thinking it might not be worth the effort :slight_smile: