Action latest_action_name, followup_action, latest_input_channel return none

My rasa core version is 0.11.12. I am using customized action to get the dialogue. However, these three actions all return None value

Is this normal?

part of the code:

follow_action = tracker.followup_action
lic_log = tracker.current_state().get("latest_input_channel")
print ("followup action: " + str(follow_action))
print ("latest input channel: " + str(lic_log))
state = tracker.current_state()
        latest_action = state.get("latest_action_name")
        print ("latest_action_name: " + str(latest_action))


followup action: None
latest input channel: None
latest_action_name: None

these attributes are all set by the tracker when specific events are processed. For example a FollowupAction event creates this attributed, and the input_channel is set by the latest user message.

Actually, the answer is that rasa_core_sdk 11.5 doesnt support that Action latest_action_name, followup_action, latest_input_channel return none · Issue #1559 · RasaHQ/rasa_core · GitHub

As we can see from thesource code , there is no latest_action_name and latest_input_channel

@amn41 Hey I tried to find input_channel with latest_user_message but I didn’t get any key value or value related to input_channel. I am using rasa_core 0.12.2.