Accessing metadata inside dialogue state tracker

Hi I wanted to know if there is a way to get user metadata in the DialogueStateTracker which is being used in policies.(just like the metadata which we have in the rasa sdk tracker) I want the metadata information so that I can do something in the custom policy class based on that metadata (which will contain user profile data)

@HarmanDotpy means you want to see the bot/user conversation logs ? Right

I need those, but in the rasa sdk tracker, along with with these logs, we also have metadata, which can have user information/profile etc so I need that as well (and this information is not present in the dialogue state tracker so is there a way to get this into dialogue state tracker)

@HarmanDotpy can you share the screenshot, I not get you on this. @HarmanDotpy No response mean you are good. Do share the solution with us how you managed.