Access tracker store information like timestamps from a custom component


I’m currently trying to implement a custom reset action to reset conversations if a user is returning after a long period of time. Since I’m connecting from Skype, I can’t customize the sender id and need to check based on the timestamp. I tried creating the action and adding it into my stories, but so far this hasn’t been reliable since I’d basically have to run it for every single intent.

Another solution I have in mind is to check the timestamp of the message before identifying the intent and force setting the intent to the one I have created for resetting conversations. Is it possible to get access to tracker store information in this way? I’ve tried looking this up but haven’t seen anything regarding this. If there’s another way to reset conversations based on time please let me know. Currently I’m having a lot of issues where Rasa sticks with the old context and generates inaccurate responses based on old conversations.


Take a look at the Customising the session start action topic in the docs.