Access Data without Rasa X

Hi All I had a question on using Rasa with Facebook. If I have trained my rasa bot on my local host then deployed that model to my server.

  1. can i connect FB to rasa without Rasa X?
  2. can I get access to the chat conversation without Rasa X?

Yes, You can integrated your bot to Facebook. Check this out:

Yes, You can store your chat conversations (Bot/User) whilst using Tracker Stores for any database.

I hope it will help? If Yes. Solution :slight_smile: Happy Learning.

Thanks this requires ngrok, I was more referring to running rasa core on a server rather than rasa x. Contrary to most I like to build and train my bot in VS Code rather than the GUI. Iā€™d like those changes reflected in my bot rather than going through Rasax and github.

Is that possible?

@sks8100 Yes, this required ngrok. Yes, you can run the rasa open source on server using VS code and use ngrok for tunnelling, use the https: and mention on the callbackURL on Facebook Developer.

Second approach, create the docker image or docker-compose environment, use ngrok and enjoy!

Tip and Issue: You need to train, the model and update the https of ngrok everytime you change the code. I guess!

I hope my suggestions are clear?

@sks8100 Clap!!