How to save conversations in Rasa Chatbot?

How to save the entire Rasa Chat bot Conversations to database. So that I want to know the user intention and save for future update.

Hi @skjainmiah

Just use Rasa X to collect your conversations. They are all stored to a database by default, and you can user Rasa X to annotate them or to add them to your training data.


Can you tell me command how to collect those in Rasa X also if I want to know how to save conversations when Rasa chatbot is deployed on website?

Just have a look at our extensive documentation of Rasa X: Improve your contextual assistant with Rasa X You may also check out our master class videos: YouTube


Hi so I have rasa 3.1 and rasa x 1.1 but i am not able to use my chat bot with rasa x. keeps saying compatible issue. But here on the forum it clearly says that rasa 3.x and rasa x 1.x support each other. So please help me here how to set up my rasa x properly. I even tried changing version of my rasa, rasa x and rasa-sdk to lower compatible versions from the compatible chart that you have on rasa docs. But that didnt work either. So firstly i would like to run my rasa x with the model i trained with rasa.

Also is there some other way to store the conversational data from the bot onto some other db for instance i use sql server for most of my database requirements. But i am ok with making a csv or tsv file aswell. Please guide me

hi @Devilshorn999 - can you please share the error message you get indicating a compatibility error? Is it about the model you have uploaded?.

For storing conversations in another DB, you could either write a script to sync the postgres DB with your additional DB, or alternatively you could tap into the event broker directly.