83/5000 Unsupervised learning to extract database intents / entities

Good evening! I’m new to RASA, and I’m a tool that helps me extract data, unsupervised, from databases, like a movie dialogue base.

I found this medium A New Approach to Conversational Software - Rasa Blog - Medium which says that it is only possible to do the training in two ways, with annotated data or in interactive mode. However this article is from 2017.

What I would like to do would be to train using a dialogue-like basis of movies, and be able to do “searches” from this training done using only RASA. OR would it be necessary to preprocess this database, make notes and only then start using RASA?

I appreciate the help!!

Hi @Mafralpm. Can you explain what you mean by a “dialogue-like basis of movies” a bit further? Also, what searches are you trying to do?