Youtube rasa tutorials

of most small chatbot businesses there are less than 10 youtube tutorials (companies from Top 60 Chatbot Companies: In-depth Guide [2019 update]) dialog flow, ibm watson conversation service and amazon has the most youtube videos

//below is a list of videos i am going to use in my process of learning rasa and determining the best route for a long term natural language understanding.

i searched using YouTube

this is a cool area of growth that i found and i decided to compile a list of rasa videos. in making this list id like to emphasis that i could do a favor for the community by creating more video content, the process of learning is more fun this way. also i have a soundcloud that samples your voices that will assimilate more of these over the learning curve

Really cool @masymo! I added this list to the Tutorials and Resources part of the forum! :slight_smile: