Rasa Tutorial Compendium / Useful Links to Learn / Github repos to learn from

Help to expand this list by posting tutorials and repos that are not yet listed along with a short description of what they teach! :slight_smile:

Official Rasa Ressources:


  • The official rasa docs, you should probably check them out more than you currently do
  • Rasa’s Blog contains several tutorials


  • The official rasa forum will have randomly scattered lessons for you in store, but you can also ask questions if you can’t find a solution on your own!

More Tutorials:

Virtual Environments

  • If you’re new, you should learn how to set up virtual environments to develop. For example on Win10 you can use Anaconda (https://www.anaconda.com/distribution/), tutorials will be all over the web.
  • Linux version (please someone help :D)
  • Mac version (please someone help :D)


  • Intro to Rasa
  • Note: pre 1.0 version


  • Overview of Rasa core’s inner workings

Github Repos to learn from:


  • An unconventional way of using Rasa to perform interviews, by basically using Fallback policy to step through a pre defined set of questions
  • not sure if I should be recommending this one here lol :smiley:

So… please post Tutorials etc you found and that have helped you, with a small description of what they teach. There will be some overlap, but that’s ok. Anyone can click through links here and decide for themselves if they can learn something there.

I will periodically update this thread or make it known should I stop to do so.

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