Wnted to create drag-drop chatbot builder also chatbot based on menu driven


1)In button/menu based chatbot i want to develop chatbot for IT help desk where he/she can get help after clicking the button option like if i want 1button for doucument i have given text:document link for phone number i have given text/number data type

2)Also wanted to create chatbot builder where user just wanted to drag and drop models and give them connection like flowchart so after that as user click on submit button chatbot get created automatically as per we given the flow


@Ncool1165 Hello and sorry for late reply.

  1. First use case example you can archived whilst using button and text based menu, as I shown you in previous thread and for that you can display the URL link or phone number only.

  2. This use case I not get it can you elaborate using some examples what you mean by drag and drop.

Please Note: all the above 2 use case can be archived using some frontend i.e GUI its not related to rasa its related to frontend.

I hope you get my points.

@nik202 hi…thanks…

for 2 case i.e drag and drop i want to create chatbot builder where like for ex,

consider i want to create chatbot to book taxi,for that i have model like User info,car info so i wanted to build drag and drop chatbot builder where models are present and i just wanted to drag them like start–>user info–>car info–>submit button and when i give those connection and after submit button chatbot get created and then we can book taxi with the chatbot

hope you understand what i am trying to say… sorry in advance if i am not able to explain you…

@Ncool1165 I guess, I partially understand, but please see this repo https://github.com/RasaHQ/rasalit and try something which you are seeking. As, I suggested you earlier, some things are much depends on frontend only, currently I not seen any widget which can upload or drag the models to predict or show something, as model size is very large and for that you need dedicated server to fetch the model and even pre-processed and render on chatbot screen. So, for me this use case is not feasible, I can be wrong also. I hope you got my points?

@nik202 thank you…yes i got your point…if i got something like that i will share the link