Why "rasa-sdk" action server behave only synchronously?

Rasa custom action server only behaves synchronously. For example, we have 2 custom action, “test_1” took 2 sec to complete and “test_2” took 8 sec to complete. But if we hit “test_2” first & then hit “test_1” action, “test_1” action always wait for “test_2” to complete its execution. Also tried with 10 workers (ACTION_SERVER_SANIC_WORKERS=10).

Configurations: rasa-sdk: 2.8.6 (worker 10) rasa: 2.8.16 OS: windows 10

What we are missing here to run actions asynchronously OR its expected behaviour?

I tried SANIC alone, its working quite Asynchronously. I guess there is bug in “rasa-sdk” OR we are missing something in setup rasa custom actions. Could anyone help?

So, your rule/story is like this:

  - intent: my_intent
  - action: action_1
  - action: action_2

In this case, action_2 will not run until action_1 completes. This is not a bug.