Rasa Action Server not completing the action

The rasa action server is not completing an action which takes more than 10 sec to complete.What are the changes should i make in the configuration of rasa to make it work?

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@CAkhil can you give more information and some screenshot etc?

I need to perform an action where it deletes and send a mail to the user so it takes around 40 sec to complete the action…I am doing it triggering an api…It is deleting and working fine but after that dispatcher is not working …

But it is not dispatching the msg as required in actions

Does changing def run(...) to async def run(...) solve the problem?

@CAkhil you are using some API? please share complete code for our reference.

@ChrisRahme I will try this and get back to you…


The function which i am calling in actions.py as shown in the first picture i shared in the topic, is triggering an api deleteVdiQuery, which takes around 50 sec to complete…Because of which the rasa server is not dispatching the msg and also it is repeating the action once again i dont know why…(as you can see it is uttering the same thing twice which according to the story is done before the action is triggered)stry

Here intent is being sent from the msteams chatbot, utter_request_sent is the one it is uttering and after that this action is being performed

@nik202 As soon as the user select delete in webex, the webex webook will send a intent : status_actions_form and the above story gets triggered.

The first action is utter_request_sent which it is doing in the picture i shared of webex, and after that the second action takes place - action_vdi_action, which triggers a delete api and it takes around 50 sec. after deletion is completed, the entire thing is getting repeated and the part which should be dispatched form action server(dispatcher.utter_message(text=status)) is not getting uttered

If the same action is taking less time, then its working fine

Any updates?

@ChrisRahme Still the same issue…could u help me out?..do i need to act async to the vdi_delete function too